Gaming House's own strengths

Why a player's house for pro gamers ? Why build an investment for people practicing e - sports ?

A question that is difficult. We see the potential here no less than in the case of sports clubs. But is the idea defending itself ?

  • High margin on sales of players any floor space of the premises and play
  • High demand
  • More favourable location and atmosphere
  • Low entry threshold for potential investors in the gaming and escort industry

Why a player's house? Why build an investment for people practicing e - sport ? A question that is difficult. We see the potential here no less than in the case of sports clubs. But is the idea defending itself ?

  • Lack of formalities - significantly simplified financing and sale
  • Safer rent
  • Fewer required parking spaces
  • Tax issues the house is built on an apartment basis

What does the Esports organization make money on

  • The idea Location
  • Project
  • It counts and ranges
  • The relevant
  • Usable value of the premises
  • on managing the entire investment process

Return on investment Assumptions

  • Plot size - 100 ares
  • Price of the plot - 600 000 USD
  • Cost of 1 square meter - 5000 USD
  • Sale of 1 m2 of space - about 7000 - 12000 USD per year

Fixed costs

  • Own remuneration Remuneration of staff
  • Office
  • Tools (car, office, other)
  • Accounting
  • Law Firm

There is a picture of a dog or cat - how does the computer know this ?

Our data is a very modern raw material

Nowadays, the practical approach has taken the lead in comparison to the theoretical one. Relatively often (especially when it comes to Deep Learning) there are many things that "work", but it is not entirely clear why... The only proof on which they are based is the fact that several or hundreds of other options have been checked and this one works best :) The real blossom of so called artificial intelligence (or actually machine learning, or in most cases - Deep Learning) has taken place in the last decade.

There are three key elements for activating machine learning: data, computing power (infrastructure) and algorithms. Of course, there is also a team at the center that combines all these elements. I will pay particular attention to the fact that computing power and algorithms are easily accessible today (provided by large players such as Google, Microsoft or Amazon). That's why we have so many applications that we can download "for free", and in fact their purpose is to collect user data (please think about how many "free" applications you use). I encourage you to listen to the second episode of the Business Thoughts podcast. Machine learning - a way to teach machines without giving rules directly. In a word, we can say that machine learning is optimization. However, let's take a step back first.

The programmer who solves the task must know the whole algorithm step by step - all possible cases. If there is no case, then frustration appears. By the way, this is one of the biggest difficulties in communication between programmers and business people, because they operate at different levels of accuracy. But a progamist is also partly a player. I'm not talking about mindlessly patting games. There are games that make you think more.

I'm trying to imagine how much money it is in the whole gaming business

Even comparing to those milliard dollars for which we sold our company recently by joining our twitch partners, this amount seems completely abstract today.

If somebody had told me 5 years ago that I would be dealing with the gaming industry and the investment issue, I wouldn't have believed him. Nor that three years later our company will be worth over 5 billion euros... I remember that when I was a teenager, I was afraid to set myself too high goals. When I dreamt of my own Ferrari, I set myself the goal of buying a new e-Tron I don't know what I was afraid of. I don't know why I didn't let myself dream without limitations. Together with our partners we decided to invest in sports projects such as esport forum or kotaku gaming site.

I don't know why I didn't set myself very ambitious or even crazy goals before. In practice, it turned out that every goal I set myself,

Fortunately, with every goal achieved, I was raising the bar for myself. If I could go back to myself when I was a dozen or so years old and manage myself, I would say: Don't let other people's restrictions be imposed on you. Set yourself greater goals in every aspect of your life. Let yourself have dreams, even those crazy. Let yourself set goals that seem unattainable even if they're "just" stupid games. You don't have to change anything else. It'll work out, you'll see. Nobody really knows how to do it all. Everybody does their best to make it better. He's often wrong.

Everyone does, but you have to do it in small steps. Throughout all the years that you have in front of you, every little step will make a long and exciting journey in the world of big money . Take a small step every day and you'll see that you'll get your momentum. Just like stona is now number 1 in CS, tomorrow you will be number 1 in multiplayer. Step by step, you will grow in strength until nothing stops you.

How to choose the right one (Games & Life vs Pleasure and Work)

Probably nobody will count how much time in our lives we have wasted on entering website addresses, switching between bookmarks and finding valuable content. We will not regain that time, but we may not lose any more days and months. Today I'll give you a brief overview of the sources of information for young and old about games, news and business.

Therefore, if you want information about games or team news and analysis of matches you follow or topics you are interested in, you can choose wisely. I couldn't decide, so I have several sources of information. But these are just some of them. You have to choose which sources are good. Maybe better less but more concretely. Maybe better less but precisely tailored to your needs

Set yourself limits to stay on the Internet on each page, and you'll find time to work and play. This space is very dangerous for our strong will, so before I encourage you to regularly search through various social media channels, I will tell you to first install this program on your browser.

Just keeping up to date is not enough. After all, our memory has a limited capacity, and finding something in the history of the browser that visited a few days ago is a real muggle.

Therefore, after reviewing all matches from previous steps, I save valuable links in these applications. What is important, I add appropriate tags to each of them, so that later it is easy to find them. In this way I not only accumulate knowledge effectively, but also find it easy.

An era in which intelligent machines enter the life of man.

Fourth Industrial Revolution (4th Industrial Revolution) - We live in very interesting times. Only 200 years ago, and most places on Earth and 100 years ago, in order to deliver a message from point A to point B, you had to go or ride an animal (e.g. a horse). Then there were telegraphs, landlines, then mobile phones + sms, mobile phones + internet. Now they are afraid to think that people do nothing or do stupid things and make money on it. Others pay them for it. It used to be unthinkable. And today? 

Only 150 years ago, and even later, our great-grandfather could pass his trade on to his child or grandson and be sure that his family would have something to eat (because this trade will still be relevant and necessary). And now, our children or grandchildren will be engaged in professions that we have a very pale idea about, and it's hard for us to even imagine what form they'll take (just like our parents, they have difficulty understanding what stress is or even Esperanto. 

In which direction is this world rushing and whether or not it's a road to nowhere. We want to reach heaven, but what is it really like?