Rating criteria from players' resumes - esport not for everyone

We assess their importance by giving them weight; we also give weight to the answers to recruitment questions proposed in of the previous part. If, when recruiting for a given position, the most important thing for us is experience, should be given the highest rank (e.g. Multiplier 3). If we consider the answers to questions to be more important than experience, the multiplier should be adjusted accordingly. The question depends on the level of advancement of the game and knowledge of the game. For example, the league of legends changes on average every month with a new patch. We require knowledge of these changes!

Based on our experience with companies we have worked with, we strongly recommend concentration and prioritisation of the experience and behavioural part in of the candidates. Riot games and Valve always carefully select the people they intend to work with.

Many times we have seen how much more important in practice are practical knowledge in the field of work and attitude and approach to the work itself, together with the already mentioned characteristics, which are crucial for remote workers. To systematize the assessment, a table with assessment criteria can be created for each question. This will facilitate the allocation of points and bring candidates closer to an objective comparison. It will also make it easier to share the assessment of applications with other people in the team. In general, life and a good attitude in Gaming House unifies the player and increases the credibility as well as the way a player is evaluated.

Why remote working? Or maybe not ? beginning of the hard way of the esport world

What do you think we'll take into account to stay on our own?

No matter what you do. Generally, you can be a freelancer in everything Not everyone is interested in working remotely, and not everyone will find themselves well in this mode of work.

You can risk saying that this is quite a narrow group of people: open, conscious, rather proficient in technology, often ambitious, mostly from the so-called Millenniumals generation. In the recruitment for positions in the traditional model of work we deal with a whole spectrum of human personality types.

Numerous positions or industries to which it has become a certain standard to recruit employees to work at least partly remotely is: IT (programming), customer service by phone/e-mail, design, streaming, broadcasting, playing games, making money on gaming, copywriting, translations, project manager, selling practically everything and gaining customers via the Internet.

I focus mainly on the entertainment industry.

They are largely based on independent work, so it doesn't matter if someone does their duties, which are often friendly, at home or in the office. There are, however, many positions for which remote working does not have to be a beneficial solution, or even impossible.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to work remotely or partially remotely. Fortunately, it is possible to precisely identify a few key competences that increase a person's chances of working outside the office. So in this sense, remote working is a bit more challenging. It's not like turning on the computer, turning on the webcam and doing everything by itself. It's not like being good at the game.

You can even be very good, but it's just the beginning of the hard way of the esport world

How to choose the right one (Games & Life vs Pleasure and Work)

Probably nobody will count how much time in our lives we have wasted on entering website addresses, switching between bookmarks and finding valuable content. We will not regain that time, but we may not lose any more days and months. Today I'll give you a brief overview of the sources of information for young and old about games, news and business.

Therefore, if you want information about games or team news and analysis of matches you follow or topics you are interested in, you can choose wisely. I couldn't decide, so I have several sources of information. But these are just some of them. You have to choose which sources are good. Maybe better less but more concretely. Maybe better less but precisely tailored to your needs

Set yourself limits to stay on the Internet on each page, and you'll find time to work and play. This space is very dangerous for our strong will, so before I encourage you to regularly search through various social media channels, I will tell you to first install this program on your browser.

Just keeping up to date is not enough. After all, our memory has a limited capacity, and finding something in the history of the browser that visited a few days ago is a real muggle.

Therefore, after reviewing all matches from previous steps, I save valuable links in these applications. What is important, I add appropriate tags to each of them, so that later it is easy to find them. In this way I not only accumulate knowledge effectively, but also find it easy.